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Blackjack is all about scoring twenty one without getting busted. People think that it might be easy but it’s not that so. If you have a complete knowledge about the card counting system then the things can simplify. But you need to be strong at the basics. Try to know which kind of cards will be safe for you with which card can make you lose the game. Thus, try to have a complete knowledge about the cards so that you can decide when to bet and when not to.

Worst Blackjack HandsIn the game of blackjack, most of the time the dealer gets a 10-point card that boosts his chances of winnings. Thus, it becomes important for the players to have a high card. But what if a player gets a ‘low card’? Low card refers to those cards that have a lower value. When the dealer gets a 10-point card then his chances of scoring 21 increases and in that case if the player gets a low card then his odds of winning the round will be less.

Thus, when you get a low card then in such a situation make sure that you don’t bet and you should just leave. There are many top professional players who have given some of the best blackjack tips as to what should be done in case you get a low card. All you need is to just practice and get a good hold at those tips so that whenever you get into the same situation you can easily make your way out.

Try to go through some online guides available at some top online casinos so that you can get a good knowledge regarding these sorts of cards and how to deal with them. Another thing that can be done is making use of the card counting system. With the help of these systems you can adjust your bets and can accordingly be one a safer side.







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