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Blackjack is known to be one of the simplest casino games. But no matter you play any game in the world, no game can be won until you have some strategies and you follow them. The same goes for Live Casino Blackjack. Simply knowing the concept of the game is not going to help you out on the table. You must also know how to win at blackjack by having a good knowledge of some strategies. Following are some of the best strategies that you should follow if you want to improve your odds of winning at the game:

Blackjack StrategyMake use of doubling down: Double down is one such move that can be made by a player only when he is provided with two starting cards. When a player is provided with two starting cards and he is confident enough that his hand is better than the dealer’s hand and all he need is one more hit to reach twenty one, then he can make use of doubling down. In that case, he has to double his bet so that he can get one more card. This is one of the best strategies that you can come across.

Assumptions can make you win: It might be weird for you to know that some people play blackjack on basis of assumptions. But surprisingly, this strategy works. All you need is to assume that the dealer’s faced down card is a ten and you need to play accordingly. The reason for this assumption is that in most of the cases the value of the dealer’s card faced down is ten.

Stepping in dealer’s shoes: in most of the casinos, the dealers are told to continue hitting until they secure seventeen or higher. It is because of this reason that most of the times, dealers win. You must also try to adopt the same strategy and keep on hitting by the time you don’t achieve seventeen or higher. The results might be close but you can definitely improve your odds of winning at the games.

Play wise and not blindly: Blackjack is one such game that requires high amount of attention from the side of the players. Thus when you visit any casino make sure that you are tension free. Try to play the game with all your wits and intelligence even though you have formed some long winning streaks. Try to change the attitude towards the game with the changing circumstances in the game.

These are some simple strategies that you need to keep in mind while playing blackjack at some live casinos or at some top online casinos. Make sure before you play blackjack for some big money you should have got a good practice over these simple strategies.


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