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It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that Edward O. Thorpe, one of the top professional players, was the father of science of blackjack card counting. It was only after the publication of his book “Beat the Dealer” that the field of blackjack card counting gained importance. It was professor Thorpe who proved that if by means a person can find out which cards has been played then he can easily tell as to what cards are remaining in the deck. If a player can tell the remaining cards in the deck then he can easily manipulate the bets and can improve his chances of winning the game.

Blackjack Cards CountingIt is important to know that in the game of blackjack, card counting low cards are in favor of the dealer whereas those of the high cards favor the player. This is so because the low cards help the dealer to approach 21 as quickly as possible when he hits. On the other hand, high cards favor the player because these high cards can easily bust the dealer’s hand.

In card counting you do not have to count or memorize the number mentioned on the cards but instead you have to figure out which deck is has got more or less high cards. You need to understand that neither the card counters memorize the card dealt nor can they tell as to which would be the next card. Card counting is a probability theory that helps a person in turning the odds in his favor.

Now, how to count the cards? It’s simple. Method for card counting is based on a blackjack strategy. One of the most famous methods is hi-low system. In this system all you need is to give numbers (+1, 0, -1) to the cards that are dealt by the dealer to himself and to the players. Assign -1 to aces and a 10-point card. Then assign 0 to cards of value 7, 8, 9. Finally, assign +1 to the cards having values 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Once you are done with the assigning then start totaling as the cards are dealt. Higher the total in +, more favorable will be the deck to the player. Accordingly the player can increase his bet.

If the total is varying around 0 then neither the deck is favoring the dealer or you. So, keep the bet in average. If the total is running in – then the deck will be favoring the dealer and you shouldn’t bet at that time.

This is one of the best methods of card counting. Hope you can make the best out of this method and can play blackjack more efficiently.


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