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If you want to play blackjack efficiently then make sure that you know about blackjack cards in details. Since the entire concept of the game dwells around the number twenty one so each and every player is busy chasing the number but in this chase the players are not able to concentrate on the value and strength of the cards and hence they get busted easily. Thus it becomes very important for a player to know the best blackjack cards that can make him win the game. Let’s begin with explanation of the value of cards in the game:

Best Blackjack CardsK, Q, J: These are the face cards whose value is fixed and is 10.

Ace: This card plays an important part in the game of blackjack and hence its value is kept either 1 or 11. The value is switched keeping the situation of the game in mind. If I is used as a value for an ace in the game then that particular hand is known as a ‘soft hand’.

Others: Rest of the cards possesses the value as printed on them.

Now with the help of these cards you need to score 21 and not any other number beyond that. Ever since the game began way back in 1700s, when a person gets an Ace along with a jack, that person wins the game. Thus, the same goes here. Having and Ace along with Jack is the strongest hand in the game of blackjack.

There is one more term coined in the game i.e. ‘High Cards’. High cards mostly favor the players. In game of blackjack, it is obvious for a dealer to have 10-point card in the starting cards. So, in order to beat the dealer’s hand, players need to have high cards that contain higher values.

Thus, these are some of the best blackjack cards that can improve your odds at the table and can make you win the game in no time. Before you begin to play the game for real cash make sure that you have a good practice at these cards at some or other top online casinos so that you can get to know the way to bet on these cards.




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