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Tommy Hyland


Tommy Hyland was born in the year 1956 in New Jersey. The craze for gambling in Tommy Hyland was seen when he was only ten. He used to play a game in which the children had to toss the coin against a wall. The child who tossed the coin nearest to the wall would win the game and the other child’s coin. He was good at sports when he was in his high school but the craze for gambling made him a sports bettor and unlike other students he used to play golf, poker and pool game.

Tommy HylandHe attended a college in Wittenberg and one fine day he read a book named “Playing Blackjack as a business” written by Lawrence Revere. In 1979 he grasped all the knowledge (blackjack strategy and tips) he could and became ready to play blackjack professionally. He also read one of Ken Uston’s books wherein he came to know about the team made by Al Francesco. He got inspired from the idea and teamed up with Leo, one of his golfing friends. They started with $1000 and within half year they won four times the amounts. Then later on, they increased the size of their team and by the end of 1979 they made more than $100,000.

But later on, two of his team mates left the team because of some personal reasons. Then Hyland taught blackjack to some of his friends and formed a team of 10-15 members and since then he has been running his successful team. Members came and went but tommy Hyland remained firm as a recruiter, trainer, administrator and a manager. Hyland is known to have the best team and longest running successful team and there was a time when his team included of 40 members. He even gained mastery over key-carding and his team has made millions of dollars from casinos of both United States and other nations as well.

It is not that Tommy Hyland never faced any troubles. There was a time when he had to spend two days in jail. The fact goes like this that Hyland was caught using a concealed computer. Even though usage of concealed computer was valid, Hyland was arrested and was kept in jail for two days and after that he pleaded guilty and paid fine of $100,000. Another instance is when a casino owner came to know that Tommy Hyland was a card counter and then he immediately forced Hyland to return back all the money he had won at blackjack on a gunpoint. Even after so many troubles, Hyland stood strong and is today known to be one of the top professional players and the most successful team manager in the history of blackjack.



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