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Stanford Wong


Stanford Wong is a legendary blackjack player and is counted among all-time top professional players. He is one of the top 7 blackjack players who became Blackjack Hall of Famers in the year 2003. The reason for including him in hall of fame was his Excellency as a gambling author. The real name of Stanford Wong is John Ferguson and it was after John took his degree that he decided to change his name.

Stanford WongHe began his professional career in 1976 and at the same time he was also a lecturer at finance courses at San Francisco State University. He did his Ph.D. from the same University and agreed to teach at a school for a salary of $1.

Wong is especially famous for being the creator of first computer program used for blackjack analysis. Secondly, his card counting technique “Wong-ing” made him famous in the whole world. The uniqueness of this technique was to count cards without even taking part in the game. A player stands aside and keeps counting the cards and when he thinks that the risk is low, it is then when he enters the game. When the player thinks that the odds are decreasing then he quits the game. This technique of his was used extensively in 1980s.

Stanford Wong wrote many books on Blackjack and many other games like Poker and Craps. He even devised a system of controlled dice throwing that actually worked and people easily won at Craps. This entire system was mentioned in his book “Wong on Dice”.

One of his books named “Professional Blackjack” is known to be one of the best guides for blackjack where he mentioned some best blackjack strategy. The book was published in 1975.

He has his own publication house where he gets all his books published. He has even started featuring in some blackjack game shows. He tries to convey all necessary information regarding blackjack through his website.

Very few people are aware of the fact that he never lost a single round at tic tac toe. Though Wong no longer play Blackjack professionally but he hasn’t kept himself aloof from the gambling world. He now acts as a consultant to some of the leading blackjack writers. In one of his interview, Stanford Wong told that he really like complex games and puzzles as he is fond of finding solutions to complex problems. Blackjack is one such game in which the rules keep on changing and hence Stanford Wong is always ready with a new book of his that covers the latest updates on blackjack.











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