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Arnold Snyder


Arnold Snyder is a world renounced blackjack player. In his glorifying thirty years of his career, Arnold Snyder has done wonders in the world of Blackjack. Someone has rightly said that some become great blackjack players by the amount they won at the tables whereas some become great by the theories they propounded about the game. Arnold Snyder is among the latter. He has been winning many tournaments and has been among the best blackjack players of all times. He has been elected as one of the seven inductees into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. He is mainly known for his techniques at Blackjack. Through his books “The Blackjack Formula” (1980) and his articles in “Blackjack Forum” (1981-1983) he tried to tell the world about the betting systems and its effect on the earnings.

Arnold SnyderHe wrote a book “Blackbelt in Blackjack” that is no less than a guide for the people that teaches the people about different blackjack techniques and blackjack tips so that the people can improve their odds of winning at the table. He has been supportive to top professional players in providing players with the rights in the event where legal conflicts arise. He has a strong belief that the professional players should be allowed to show their skills at card counting at casinos. Many a times he has shown up in the courts in order to testify as an expert witness. He was among the first people who were placed in the blackjack hall of fame and he was given this place not only that he had a great career but he formulated many gambling techniques now used by people in playing blackjack.

Snyder wasn’t satisfied with the softwares programs in the market for blackjack games and hence he sponsored a blackjack card counting software and had a firm faith in the accuracy of the software. He made this software available to the players at no cost. He was sure that the software can give the correct details regarding rules, blackjack strategy, calculations of odds, bankroll requirements, etc.

He has been working as an editor of an online trade journal and through it he tries to convey all sort of information to the players. He gives lessons through his articles and shares all his experiences so that the starters can get to know everything about this game of twenty one.



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