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Al Francesco


Al Francesco has been one of the top professional players rather the finest blackjack players that the gambling world has ever witnessed. He started his professional career at blackjack way back when he was in his hometown. He was good at Greek Rummy and some other gambling games and was able to make around $5,000 a year. Later on, he moved to California where he came across a world renounced book “Beat the dealer” written by Edward O. Thorp and tried to understand the system as mentioned in the book.

Al FrancescoThen he visited a casino nearby and tried to play blackjack according to the Ten Count System but couldn’t succeed as he wasn’t able to understand the way to play the game. Then he went back and did a detailed study regarding the system and the next time he went to the casino, he started doing well. He went on visiting and playing in casinos and made some good money. Seeing this, the casinos started barring him from playing blackjack. Then he stopped playing blackjack for around eight long years.

Then he studied Lawrence Revere’s Count System and he once again gained mastery on Blackjack and then he started visited casinos one more time. But the same happened, he got barred from the casinos and this time he was even harassed. But he learned that he has come up with a better way to play.

Later on, in 1971, he formed his own team and began visiting casinos and designed some a blackjack strategy. The strategy was such that the counters would be seated at different tables and would be making some small bets. When the situation seems favourable then the counter would give an indication to the big player. The big player would come at that table and would play until the count would turn against the counter. In this way, Francesco’s team made millions of dollars within few years. Ken Uston was also a part of Francesco’s team and did a great job in his team. But later on, in 1977 he revealed all secrets of Francesco’s team in his book The Big Player and after that Francesco’s team ended up. But even after this incidence, Francesco never had any grudge against him. The main reason for this act of Uston was that Ken Uston did equal hard work like any other team 7member but was paid less.

He has also been given place in Blackjack Hall of Fame in the year 2003. Now, Al Francesco has retired from playing Blackjack and has shown interest in the field of horse racing, sports betting and some other gambling games.



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